Meet the Crew

Well howdy!

We wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves. Got a question? Let us know! The Core 7 Ranch is our passion and our business which basically means we can’t stop talking about it! So shoot us a message or give us a call. We look forward to turning strangers into friends.

Our Fearless Leaders

Russ Jones: CEO (Cowboy Executive Officer), head biscuit wrangler, “the boss”, Top Coffee Sipper (27th year in a row) and cattle-connoisseur. He may be certifiably crazy for his cows but that doesn’t stop the rest of us from nodding appreciatively for the 7th time as he points out yet another good looking calf from this years crop.

Marsha Jones:
BCD (Black Cow Distinguish-er), potato frying pro, ranch hostess, and hand-craft extraordinaire. She keeps us all fed and friendly and makes sure we can tell Larry, Mo, and Curly apart when it comes time for tagging…no small feat. From braiding gorgeous custom Vaquero Mecate reins, to leather work and beyond, the lead mare never ceases to amaze…or sit down!

Crystal Kulhanek:

She has all the skills needed to be a top hand at the Core 7 Ranch – she can count to 10 and doesn’t have a great sense of personal safety. To a lesser degree she also handles beef and seedstock sales, any newfangled technology needs on the ranch, and happily chases cattle across the countryside. Contact her for any sales questions: 906-748-2198.

Jordan Kulhanek:

AKA Festus the cow-patty dodging, guitar picking, number-cruncher. He wrestles cattle, chases calves, films some pretty fancy videos for the “YouTubes” (as Dad calls them), and keeps us all on track with our big picture plans. Check out his work on YouTube at Core 7 Ranch.

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