About the Core 7 Ranch


Nestled in the rolling forests of Northern Michigan is the Core 7 Ranch. Established in 2002, this first generation operation is evidence of a labor of painstaking love from Russ and Marsha Jones. Together they tackled the challenge of building a ranch from its very foundation for two simple reasons: as a mission and as a passion.

At the Core 7 everyone is welcome, coffee is always hot, and the beef is second to none. Our motto is simple, Choosing the Best – Fixes the Rest. We believe this is true in all area of our lives. Choosing Christ brings us purpose and unmatched joy. Choosing grass-fed beef helps fuel our life in a sustainable, ethical, and downright delicious way. We currently raise Herford-Angus cattle and Corriente cattle. As members of the North American Corriente Associate we are proud to focus on quality – not quantity. Don’t let that fool you though. Every year has seen our herd size and quality redouble and we are thrilled for what God’s plan may hold.

So come on in and sit a spell, pard’. We would love to tell you more about where we have come from and where we dream of the Lord taking us.

Oh, and don’t forget to get some of that coffee…we’ve got work to do.

See you down the trail,

Russ and Marsha Jones

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