Choosing the Best…

Corriente Cattle. A heritage breed with a history as long as our country’s. Corriente, or Criollo, cattle trace their storied roots back to Mexico and then Spain. These “cattle of the country” have come to be recognized and appreciated by not only ranchers and those who care deeply for sustainable agriculture, but also by folks who value their health as well as delicious, nourishing beef.

Always grass fed and grass finished, our cattle enjoy life as it should be lived. Because of our dedication to quality over quantity and back-to-basics goodness, our customers have access to some of the most select and exceptional beef in Michigan.

Our claims aren’t based on personal opinion (though we do have plenty of those) but on data-driven fact. Studies from non-biased parties including West Texas A & M, New Mexico State University, and Clemson University continue to verify the incredible range of benefits both in taste and nutrients of these “Spanish decent” cattle.

So step up to the dinner table with confidence and pride that you are fueling yourself and your loved ones with the best. Choose a producer and a product whose care for our environment, animals, and health is second to none, Corriente Cattle from the Core 7 Ranch.

See you on down the trail.
Core 7 Crew

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